Vastu Basics for Checking Land Prosperity

We often get confused while buying any land, whether is for Residential use or Commercial. Only thinking about the auspiciousness of the land.

In our ancient texts our Rishis already provided some simple principles for checking land. These are:

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Soil Particle test:

  • Dig 2′x2′x2′ pit,
  • Soil should be taken out of the pit and then again pit should be filled with same soil,
  • If some soil is left, land is excellent,
  • If no soil is left, land is good,
  • If the soil falls short in filling the pit completely, then the land should be rejected.

Soil Looseness Test:

Take out the soil from the pit and fill the pit with water,
Wait for 15 Minutes; if volume of the water remains same or unaltered, then consider land as excellent, if it is a slightly less, then also land is good but beyond that, for any level, land should be rejected.

III-Land selection:

  • Gaja Prishtha- High towards West (North-West/ South-West)-Gain of wealth,
  • Daitya Prishtha- High towards East (North-East/ South-East)-Loss of wealth, children and happiness,
  • Naag Prishtha- Elevated towards East & West, rising high towards North & South, hollow from the middle.
  • Koorma Prishtha-High in the middle and sloping in all directions-Good from all angles.

According to Vastu, land should not be purchased from those:

  1. Who have become insolvent,
  2. Who are suffering from leprosy and lunatics,
  3. Who have left the country.

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