Saturn – The Golden Mine

Why we most feared with Saturn? You can notice, beggars are more active on Saturday. People usually donating oils and put some coins on them and praying lord Shani to continue his blessings on them. Street Astrologers or half-readers often grab the handsome money in name of Shani-Shanti (Saturn Blessings) from the innocent people.

Saturn keeps reminding us with its usual barriers and shocks of the primary purpose of life. We often tend to neglect its signals and ignore its messages. As per the Kalpurush Kundli Sarturn is lord of tenth and the eleventh house, it governs our karmas and gains. Main duty of Saturn is giving rewards or punishments.

In many years research, it is found that nothing could be get without the blessings of Saturn and Jupiter.

Saturn is considered Son of Sun. He is also called “chhaya- putra” for his mother is Chhaya.

As per the BPHS (Brihat Parashari Hora System) Saturn is a malefic. It denotes anguish. He considered as servant. Normally it considered that it is dark in complexion. Saturn governs air. Saturn rules the sudras. He is tamasik. Saturn has a thin and long physique, has yellowish-brown eyes, is windy in temperament, has big teeth, is lazy and lame and has rough hair. Its house is filthy ground. Saturn is strong in the West. Saturn governs useless trees. Sisira ritu. Saturn is a dhatu planet. Out of all the planets Saturn is the eldest. He is hard hearted and backbiter. He is dull-headed. His teeth and nails are large.

Saturn mainly represents judicial system and judges. He also governs Senior citizens, old people homes, the man on streets (common man), rebellion, democracy and democratic institution, farmers, farms, land, agriculture real- estate, oil. iron ore, mines, minerals, coal, til, wool, leather, skin, animal hides. famines , droughts emergencies, earthquakes, floods natural calamities and tragedies, fall in country’s exports, difficulties in foreign exchange, wastage of public money, heavy taxes, rationing, death of prominent leaders, national mourning.

Saturn related Diseases are Asthma, Paralysis, baldness, depression, arthritis, cancer, and thyroid.

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