Venus – The Maya

A significator of beauty, art, love, money and all the resources which is related with Rajsik world. These are few among a host of descriptions of the fascinating Venus in poetry and literature of perhaps every language. Venus is principally associated with love, beauty, sex, fertility, and prosperity. Venus is called attractive star of universe.

Venus is the teacher of the demons and the author of Sukraniti. Venus is of whit complexion, middle aged and is generally shown with four hands riding upon a golden or silver chariot drawn by eight horses. He holds a stick, beads and a lotus and sometimes a bow and arrow.

Venus symbolizes love and passion. The day of Venus is Friday and gemstone is diamond. Taurus and Libra signs are ruled by Venus.

Kanjanoor Agneeswarar Temple near Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu is one of the famous Lord Venus Temples in India.

It is the only planet in the heaven whose sighting for ceremonies and rituals of significance, including marriage is essential. As per the principles of election astrology no muhurta is favorable unless Venus is sighted. Also known as the morning and the evening star, Venus has been guiding sailors and adventurers from times immemorial. Gender is Venus is considered as feminine along with Moon.

Description of Venus in Chapter 3 of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra:Venus is charming, has a splendorous physique, is excellent, great in disposition, has charming eyes, is a poet, is phlegmatic and windy and has curly hair.

Venus, Surface, Hot, Heat, Planet

Venus also Governs Wife, Luxury, Secret, Finance Minister, Female, Lakshmi Progeny Peacock, Elder Daughter, Wife [For Male], Wealth, Luxury House, Good Advice. In astrology it represents a galore of what attracts – beauty, glamour, prettiness, loveliness, comeliness, man and woman with sculpted features, gorgeous looks, style, fashion, stunning lifestyles, all that which is trend-setting and worthy of being showcased, film and television celebrities, decorations, glittering functions, jamborees, floral displays, music, dance, tunes, poetry, songs, lyrics, melody, orchestra, symphony, love, romance, sex, lust, marriage, relationships, ecstasy, passion, fun, joy, colorful carnivals, pomp and show aesthetics, art – facts, tableaux, exotic handicrafts, designer wear, gems and jewelry, beautiful and exquisitely designed homes, home accessories, culture, harmony symmetry, magnificent structures, architecture, wonders of the world, splendor, grandeur, ramp walks, beauty shows, home decor, leisure, exotic holidays, beautiful gardens, fountains, art, painting, shining silver, sparkling diamonds, treasure, designing, cars currency, gambling, cuisines, hospitality entertainment, parties, clubs, restaurants, celebrations, festivals, festivities, dance, drama, films, television, Hollywood, Bollywood, multimedia, travel, It can give a purpose for living and a desire to live forever.

As you can see, these all are real factors which are related with Venus, without them, it is very difficult to survive in this Mayan world.

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