Planetary Exchanges

What are Planetary Exchanges, will understand with this chart, Here:

Sun and Mars, Moon and Saturn, Jupiter and Venus are involved in planetry-exchangethe mutual exchange of signs between themselves. Here profession governing planet is hemmed in between 2 enemy planets KET in Gemini and Mars in Leo, which is called Pap Kartari Yoga. That is why the native is facing several professional breaks in his career.

He cannot get on in his profession and prosper in life. Thereafter when Saturn gets a planetary exchange with Sun, the native will have to take up his father’s profession (In Nadi Astrology Saturn is profession governing planet).

Venus has to get across RAH and Moon which means marriage with an out of caste woman (RAH + Moon indicates another caste). This is due to the fact Venus has to jump from the sign of Sagittarius to the sign of Taurus due to the planetary exchange of signs with Jupiter.

RAH Is anti-clockwise motion joined with Venus has to contend with Mars who Is involved In a planetary exchange with Sun located in Scorpio and therefore engaged in a deadly battle with his arch enemy Mercury. But Venus has absolutely no strength being conjoint with RAH which shows that the female native has poor longevity. Mars indicates power, arrow, bullets etc.

Life indicator Venus has behind Enemy Moon and in front Mars and Mercury engaged in deadly battle. Even when Venus due to planetary exchange with Jupiter goes to Taurus he has next to him D.Tail ready to do battle with Venus with his deadly Tail. This fully explains the fact that there is only unnatural death by arrows, bullets etc to the native.

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