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“I don’t have my birth time,  does it mean I can’t consult an Astrologer?”. We have been visited by some people who don’t have their accurate birth time, but wanted a consultation for their horoscope. Many Astrologers refuse and request their birth time in order to proceed. This is really unfortunate and people get depressed and dissatisfied with this approach.

Here is the Solution!

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Now comes Nadi – It is another astrological system for predicting events. The system of Nadi based prediction was introduced by Sri. R.G. Rao.

According to this method each planet has been assigned with a particular representation. E.g. Male analysis Jupiter is considered, it is Jeevkarka. For female Venus is considered. For education, Mercury is considered, for profession Saturn is considered etc. These representative planet will receive aspect of other planets which forms yoga in a birth chart.

Each planet has been attributed certain karkatwa. The combination of Rasi Chart will give results. Here there is no necessity of Ascendant or house divisions. The calculation part is negligible. Hence this method is very simple and accurate, however logical applications should be kept in mind before giving predictions. E.g. Saturn is considered for profession, younger brother, career etc. In applying the Karkatwa we must consider what we would like to determine and use that karkatwa for specific results.

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It is evident that predictions are based on only planetary positions and birth time factors has negligible influence. Therefore it is always advisable to have a Prashna Horoscope or Horary Chart made at the time of consultation and compare the birth chart with that of Horary Chart

I would definitely post some more lessons on Nadi method where you can learn how to use this method.

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