His Holiness – Jupiter

Jupiter and Mercury gain strength in the first house for knowledge (Jupiter) and the skills to acquire it (Mercury) help in our upliftment. With strength in the first house they can best utilize and lift the inherent samskaras. The Venus and Moon gain strength in the 4th house, perhaps for they represent happiness and worldly attachments. They are the planets of desires. The Sun and Mars gain strength in the 10th house for they help you in courageously and dutifully fulfilling worldly commitments and performing the karmas which are in public domain. Saturn alone in the 7th, is strong in this house of desires and death, for perhaps it is the only planet that is able to balance when it gains strength in the 7th house. It exalts in the rashi of balance Tula (Libra).

Logically, a benefic Jupiter would also mean that you have been granted an opportunity to rectify your deeds, of earlier births and of this one as well. The dasha of Jupiter is considered the most appropriate for remedial measures. It takes you closest to the purpose of life with least deviations since it a planet that represents goodness, righteousness, virtue, religion and spirituality; and lords the 9th house of fortune and religion and the 12th house of moksha (salvation) of the natural zodiac.

Think! Why only Jupiter is identified with Guru- chandal yoga when the chandal corrupter Rahu is conjunct with it? Why do we not call Venus-Rahu, Mercury-Rahu or Moon-Rahu such names. Clearly, for Jupiter is the most benefic for besides Gyan, it signifies virtues of sorts.

Jupiter can truly be called the fountainhead that is eternally spouting goodness and blessings. Perhaps, it seeks the deprived and has loads and loads of happiness, wealth, knowledge and bonanzas stored for all. Being the most benefic planet, it showers blessings always. The flow is unending but needs to be harnessed and harvested. Jupiter as the giver sits in the skies but as takers we have to be deserving to maintain its flow or else the bulge of Jupiter will simply expand with goodwill and we will remain dry of its munificence. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS) describes it as the one with a big body, tawny hair and tawny eyes, phlegmatic, intelligent and learned in all sastras. BPHS also reveals that the force of Lord Vishnu that reincarnated as Vamana Avtaar was indeed Jupiter- the dwarf form of the Lord that brought about the evolutionary change from the animistic to the human during initial centuries of creation. Jupiter ,Mercury and Ketu are described as jeeva – the living things. Jupiter has hold over the past, present and future lives also.

Astrology all over regards Jupiter as by far the best among the planets. BPHS declares that its abode is the treasure house, the taste is sweet and it is the superior most in planetary caste as well – the brahmin. Not swayed by royalty and power like the Sun and the Moon, Jupiter is the minister and advisor in the planetary cabinet. Some more inputs from BPHS suggest the pivotal role assigned to Jupiter in sustaining life.

It governs water – the essential element to sustain life ; has lordship over hemant ritu – the pleasant weather and over the fruitful trees. Jupiter lords the 9th house (that governs fortune, dharma, morality, righteousness and spirituality) and the 12th moksha of the natural zodiac (kaal purusha). Jupiter is the significator of the 2nd house (family, wealth and speech), 5th (children, knowledge and education) 9th and the 11th (income and gains). Jupiter is the bestow-er of knowledge, the Guru. The Gyani. It is the significator of history. The preserver of heritage and culture.

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