Conjunctions of Planets

Technically conjunction means when two or more planets are posited in the same degree of longitude, the term is so defined in Western astrology. Conjunction is not an aspect but it is position.

According to Indian Astrology, Conjunction occurs when two planets are in the same sign. Irrespective of the distance between the two planets. The erred of such position is good or bad according to the nature of the planets.

According to Hindu Astrology, we append below briefly the general effects of each planet while conjuncting other planets in birth chart or in transit.

Care is to be taken of the Aspects of the Planets on the conjunction of the house where the conjunction takes place. Also the sign where conjunction is posited and planet’s avasthas viz; own house, debilitated, exaltation or Mootrikona etc. are also most important points for delineation.

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Sun bas good conjunction with Jupiter, adverse conjunction with Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Conjunction with Neptune or Pluto is of doubtful nature.


The exact conjunction of Sun and Moon is good except when subjected to malefic aspect, it tends to weaken the heath, especially in female nativity. Moon forms good conjunction with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, the adverse conjunction is with Mars. Saturn and Uranus and doubtful with Sun, Neptune or Pluto.


The conjunction of any planet with Mars is not considered good. But conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is considered adverse.


The conjunction of Mercury with Venus, SUD and Jupiter is considered good, whereas with Mars, Saturn and Uranus it is adverse, doubtful with Neptune and Pluto.


The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune is considered good. But conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Uranus is adverse.


The conjunction of Sun, Jupiter, Neptune with Venus is considered good, but with Mars, Saturn and Uranus is adverse and with Pluto as doubtful.


The conjunction of any planet with Saturn is not considered good.


Rahu vat Sani, Kuj vat Ketu. Rahu gives the effects of Saturn and Ketu that of Mars. So their conjunctions be considered likewise as detailed above.

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