"Its your right to know the path of your destiny."

About Me

I am Computer Science graduate from DAVV university Indore. My mission is to provide astrology readings on the basis of planetary calculation, which should be drived from your birth chart. I should say I am not practicing astrology, rather I am researching. So that I could provide my findings in it and it would help for later generations.

Gunjan Goyal

I have been studying Astrology since I was 18 years old- after I had my first chart reading by a Pandit Vishnu Prasad Dhoble. It captivated me and I was drawn to learn Astrology and study my chart more and more. I have also learn some very useful tips from Late G.M. Thakker, I soon realized that this was one of the best tools for self-growth, as well as understanding an individuals life karma and the dharma for being born. It seemed so obvious that so much needless suffering could be averted with just a little insight!

It is my intention to help you honor your path, find your dharma, and have a greater sense of fulfillment in your life.

About ME

My Mentors

Mr Sunil Gupta is Retd. Govt Officer who was in Coordination with state industry, departments and financial institutions for the successful implementation of, government policies. Organizing Management, and, Entrepreneurship, development programmers for the overall development of the Human resource, against the requirement of industrial manpower. He is renowned Astrologer since 20 years and practicing Nadi Astrology.
You can contact him at sk62gupta@gmail.com

Late Mr G. M. Thakkar was Retd. Income Tax Lawyer in Indore M.P. He also practices in Homeopath. His total astrology experience was about 40 years and having great experience in Vismottari Dasha. His prediction was 99.99% accurate with the proper dates. He taught me all his tips and tricks to deal with every aspect of Astrology.

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