Get your Karma Reading


This reading is the best choice for first-time clients. Before your reading, I will ask you to send particular questions, major life events, which will point me toward those areas you’d like to focus on. I look to the birth chart in order to gain insight into those questions and issues most important to you right now. It could be very important to read, because here you can get your carrier, health and love life guidance.

Match - Making

It is the process of matching horoscope of bride and groom together, usually for the purpose of marriage. Astrologers, were often thought to be essential advisers and also helped in finding right spouses as they had links and a relation of good faith with the families. It requires details of both person. For this we required details of both Bride and Groom, details such as Date-of-Birth, Time-of-Birth and Place of Birth.​


In India, Muhurat is considered as choosing Auspicious time for doing any Worship, starting new Business or starting anything new, Marriages etc. We are often hired to calculate a time for the wedding, new business, Naming Ceremony, New House so that any possible divinely-sourced problems can be averted.​ As the event takes birth at the time when it is performed for the first time, thus that time decides its future completely. ​

Who I am. What I do

My mission is to bring real reading of a person on the basis on actual mathematical calculation of astrology and no superstitious should be involved.

What My Clients say About Me

Like a doctor, Gunjan picked up the health issues that my parents were facing, even without me mentioning anything to him! No matter how difficult the current state, Gunjan gave me advice and guidance on how I could improve the situation, which most certainly showed results every step of the way. Thank you Gunjan!

Surendra Sharma

It is nice and refreshing to see such “humanistic” advice coming from an Indian astrologer. You should write on Quora more often. Great to hear that. Perhaps I am wrong, but I see a great deal of fatalistic style astrology coming from India. They need more voices like yours.

Robert Kimberlay

When no one is there for you, God sends us an Angel. And Gunjan is that very Angel in my life! He is not only an astounding Astrologer and incredible at what he does, but he is also a friend and guide who helped me through the worst of times in my life. Irony is, till date we have not met face to face, however he has been guiding me continuously over the phone for the past several months. Be it sun, hail or shine, he always made time to assist me with any doubts and many times would prompt me even before I would realize I need to be cautious of something. He was constantly watching over me from the time I faced a crisis and gave me the right tools to come out of it.

Vasudha Kumar

Gunjan appeared as a ray of sunshine! I had reached a stage of frustration in my career and could not understand what was going on. Gunjan advised me in the area of work that I should focus on and also assured me that I will get a job within a certain period of time. Even when I had lost hope, Gunjan was confident and bang!…I got a job, just the way Gunjan had assured me. There is no doubt that he is exceptional with his Astrological readings, but more importantly he is very approachable and is always willing to go above and beyond to help his clients. He is truly a gem who is genuinely willing to help people with their problems.

Gini Mehta